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E36 318Ti Build: Turbo-Back Exhaust System

Published: 10-21-20 18:00:00

Now that the turbo is located where it needs to be, it's time to begin fabricating an exhaust system for the 318ti! Exhausts come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from an obnoxious hood or fender-exit, to a subtle OEM style system.Factors including personal preference and performance goals ultimately narrow down the design to its final form, these are a few of the most significant influences:Exhaust volume - (Track requirements, neighbors, wife & kids, etc.)Desired power level - (D...


What is the "Supercase" Diff and Why is it a good choice?

Published: 10-14-20 19:00:00

The super 8.8 is the latest advancement of the classic 8.8" differential from ford. It was released on the S550, 2015+ mustang. The original design was released in the 1980's as a solid axle and revised over the years with the same generic setup evolving into the popular 8.8-IRS in the late 1990's. While the late 90's 8.8-irs is a popular (easier) swap it is becoming more difficult to find. More importantly the latest revision is significantly stronger. The super case diff was initially rep...


E36 - Ford 8.8 Rear End Conversion - Unit Finalization and pricing

Published: 10-13-20 19:00:00

It has been a long time coming, but we are pleased to announce the completion of our Ford 8.8 super-case kit!Pre-order page link: Super F-88 Subframe KitIf you haven't been following along you can find some details here on Bimmerforums: bimmerforums.com or in our previous blog post here: 22rpd.comWe have final welded the first production unit in our new jig. This fixture allows us to produce these kits with consistent and accurate fitment every time! Let's recap som...


E36 - Ford 8.8 Rear End Conversion

Published: 09-28-20 13:54:25

Those of you who have seen our previous Bimmerforums thread have been patiently waiting for an update on our F88 differential conversion for the E36 chassis. We've all been busy around the shop the last few months, but we are approaching the testing phase for our rear end! To ensure a flawless fitment, we have created a jig based off of the original E36 subframe. Take a peek at some renders of the assembled unit!We will soon be releasing more details, including pricing and options!


E36 318Ti Build: Turbo Mounting

Published: 09-14-20 17:30:39

When it comes to turbocharger setups, the possibilities are nearly limitless, but some choices can make the endeavor more or less of a challenge. One of the first questions that must be answered is whether the turbo will be a 'top mount' or 'bottom mount'. Let's begin by discussing some of the benefits and drawbacks of each option:Top Mount     Pros:Flex-Factor, the turbo and downpipe will be very visible which can be a heavy influence for show oriented buildsEase of access to tur...


LS3 Swapped E36 M3: Intro

Published: 09-03-20 13:20:00

We love our BMW engines, of course, but in some cases a V8 power-plant may be exactly what the E36 chassis needs. A 1995 M3 arrived at our shop as a bare shell, along with an array of parts including an LS3 crate motor with a Vorshlag swap kit, T56 Magnum transmission, and Moton Clubsport suspension!The goal for this build is to create a dual-duty streetable track toy. In addition to maximizing the limits and performance of the car, we will be retaining comforts such as air conditioning, and a r...


E36 318Ti Build: Microsquirt Standalone ECU

Published: 08-20-20 16:04:00

Many 4cyl owners choose to swap their cars with the 6cyl engine because the conversion is essentially “drop in” when using the correct wiring harness, ecu, and hardware. It’s an easy way to boost the performance to essentially M3 level, but my goals are slightly different. I am concerned with balance, and more specifically, keeping the weight as low as possible. The M42 engine is a whopping 90lb lighter than an S52 engine, and this fact alone is why I am choosing to retain the 4cyl configu...


E36 318Ti Build: Intro

Published: 08-04-20 11:01:32

Let me roll into this series with a small intro: I'm a sleeper BMW enthusiast, G-force addict, and engineer at 22RPD. I will be using this blog to provide updates to projects, technical information, and hopefully some inspiration. My goal is to update this 318ti series at least once every two weeks with a healthy dose of substantial and aesthetic progress. I was looking for a fun and cheap daily to keep miles off of my E46 M3, when I stumbled upon this listing for an E36 318ti. Until now, I had ...


Welcome to the new Blog!

Published: 07-24-20 21:00:06

Congratulations! You have found your way to our new blog!This blog is something we are really excited about. It's no secret that in recent years, automotive forums and other places where we used to share what we have been working on have really dissolved. The replacing mediums leave us in a bit of a position where we don't feel like we can share some of the really exciting things we are working on, or show you the process it takes to really get to that finish line. Sure, we post some pictures to...

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