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What is the "Supercase" Diff and Why is it a good choice?

The super 8.8 is the latest advancement of the classic 8.8" differential from ford. It was released on the S550, 2015+ mustang. The original design was released in the 1980's as a solid axle and revised over the years with the same generic setup evolving into the popular 8.8-IRS in the late 1990's. 

While the late 90's 8.8-irs is a popular (easier) swap it is becoming more difficult to find. More importantly the latest revision is significantly stronger. The super case diff was initially reported to be designed to have the strength of a 9.75" differential. The super differential is clean sheet a redesign, offering larger output splines, redesigned (larger) case.

Look how much larger the pinion is on the new differential (Right):

The "Super 8.8" comes in both aluminum and iron housings. The aluminum housing is reported to handle 800wtq while the limit of the iron housing has yet to been found. The aluminum housing reduces the weight of the final unit down to about 75# versus the 100# iron case unit. We suspect the failures of the aluminum are more chassis specific and within our carrier we expect to see a higher reliable power figures from them. Regardless of which case you choose, the differential is a good place to have weight in a high power car. 

Check back later, we will update this thread with a part number table to find the exact diff you are looking for. 

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