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The Future of NA N52 : No Throttle Body [Bonus: Beta Testing Sign-up]

The BMW N51 and N52 engines, renowned for their reliability and perhaps weight but lets be honest, have long been overlooked among enthusiasts and professionals alike. However, every engine has untapped potential waiting to be discovered. It is with great excitement that we introduce this untapped potential, this new new intake and tune from 22RPD. A product that not only redefines performance capabilities, but also ushers in a new era of N5X performance.

Innovation is at the heart of the 22RPD, and it's what sets us apart from everyone else on the market. The choice to develop this package to operate without a throttle body, is substantially innovative. This innovative design leverages the full potential of BMW's Valvetronic system in a new way, using it exclusively to manage engine breathing. Without the throttle body, we have removed a significant restriction in the intake tract. The result? Substantial gains.

This design doesn't stop at just removing restrictions. It introduces a meticulously engineered trumpet design that surpasses the popular N54 intake and three-stage (3IM) intake in both average and peak power output. Through comprehensive engineering and testing we have developed an improved runner shape and optimized length. Thus enhancing the engine's ability to breathe effortlessly at higher RPMs while optimizing resonance for midrange power improvements. This design not only optimizes performance but also eradicates common failure points associated with the 3IM intakes and DISA's, ensuring reliability and longevity. Also, as a small bonus the trumpets save 30lbs or so off the nose of the car, optimally.

Unleashing N51/N52 Power: Dyno-Tested Performance Gains

The revolutionary design behind the 22RPD intake owes its genesis to the extensive groundwork laid with the recent S65 and S85 intakes design by 22RPD prior, combined with sophisticated flow modeling (CFD) techniques. These runners are the culmination of all our efforts across various platforms, representing an evolution in our approach to intake design. We began with fundamental calculations for resonance and runner length. This was followed by 3D scanning the OEM N52 intakes to serve as our baseline reference. With this foundation, we determined an optimal taper figure and initiated modeling of the base geometry. Through several iterations, guided by both modeling insights and CFD analyses, we refined our design before advancing to real-world testing and iterative design on multiple cars.

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding-or, in this case, the dyno tests. Rigorous testing has demonstrated that the 22RPD package delivers significant performance gains everywhere that counts. These gains are not just numbers on a chart; they translate to real-world enhancements in acceleration, throttle response, sound, and overall engine efficiency. For BMW N51 and N52 engine owners, this means experiencing a new level of performance and sound that was previously thought to be unattainable by the little brother of the n54. See the dyno graph below showing the gains with the Bavautoparts 330i.

Unfortunately, our other test vehicle had a failing catalytic converter which raised its ugly head part way through testing.

The 22RPD custom intake and tune package represents more than just an increase in horsepower and torque. It embodies a philosophy of innovation, reliability, and performance. By removing the throttle body and optimizing the Valvetronic system, 22RPD not only enhances power but also reduces complexity and potential failure points within the engine. This approach ensures that your BMW's heart is not only more powerful but also more robust and dependable.

For the discerning BMW enthusiast looking to extract the maximum potential of sound and performance from their N51 or N52 engine, the 22RPD custom intake and tune package offers an unrivaled solution. Its innovative design, backed by solid engineering and real-world testing, sets a new benchmark in N52/N51 performance tuning.

What is Party Mode? Why do you keep saying it?

The "Party Mode" Intake by 22RPD where we throw caution to the wind, filters out the window, and let your engine run wild and free, just as nature (or the automotive gods) intended. Picture this: an intake so raw, so untamed, it scoffs at the mere thought of air filtration and laughs in the face of safeties, all in the noble pursuit of substantial gains. But, dear thrill-seeker, let's not forget that with great power comes great responsibility. While embarking on this euphoric journey of unfiltered performance, remember that every party has its end, and not all engines enjoy the hangover. So, consider this your cool yet cautionary tale: embrace the exhilaration of "Party Mode," but be mindful of the morning after. Here's to living fast, but maintaining enough sense to ensure your ride can keep up with the pace. And let's remember, 22RPD is not responsible for the aftermath; you take full risk, stepping into the party with both eyes open to the wild ride ahead.

What's on the Horizon? Upcoming Milestones:

  • PARTY MODE Beta test Phase: March 1 - April 1
  • Cold Air Feed/Filter Design Period: February 21 - March 14
  • Public Release of PARTY MODE INTAKE: April 1
  • Testing of Fitment on Filter Design: March 14 - April 14
  • Anticipated Release of Filter and CAI Design: May 1

Anticipated pricing for BETA trumpets and tune is $995. If we make any changes for a final product, exchange towards the final product will be allowed. Exchange towards a filtered unit will be allowed. 

Ready to join the Evolution? Sign up for our beta program below and be the first to experience the raw, unfiltered bliss of 22RPD's "Party Mode" intake. It's not just about making your engine louder; it's about making your heart race faster. So, strap in, turn up the volume, and let's make some noise.

Click here to sign up for beta testing: HERE

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