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350Whp N52 and how we got there!

Recently, we had a 2007 328i dropped off, featuring a centrifugal supercharger setup. After coordinating with the owner, we came up with a plan to spice things up a bit for this non-M underdog. 

A bit of back ground on the car:

  • ESS supercharged 5.5psi
  • 3-stage Intake
  • F30 Sport BBK
  • M3 brake booster
  • Koni nonadjustable struts
  • Modified Akrapovic exhaust

We took the car and immediately baselined it. The mighty N52 managed 271 Whp and 237 wtq. A relatively respectable number on paper considering these cars make below 200whp/200wtq from the factory, but more importantly on the street it didn’t feel significant, even with the supercharger.

To correct this we outlined a base plan with a goal of 350+whp. To do this we would need to increase the boost. Unfortunately there wasn’t a pulley off the shelf that would do it. A few calls to Vortech and a little machining later, we received a custom pulley. We needed to machine the snout just slightly to fit the offset of the pulley. To help keep tension we added a new idler/tensioner pulley setup, and a smaller belt.

Next, we knew we would need to uncork the exhaust a bit. The go to solution: Headers. Called our friends down at Active Autowerke and picked up their cat-less headers.

Finally, Octane/heat: Here we only have 92 octane at our standard pumps, and if we were going to really make these goals happen we either need charge cooling or water/meth injection. Budget/Timeline constraints means water meth. Snow performance 2.5 it is.