Blog: 22RPD E36 M3 and F88 Axles: A Blend of Innovation, Performance, and Customer-Centric Design

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22RPD E36 M3 and F88 Axles: A Blend of Innovation, Performance, and Customer-Centric Design

Today marks an exciting chapter at 22RPD as we unveil our latest innovation - the 22RPD E36 M3 and F88 axles. These axles are the culmination of precision engineering, high-performance manufacturing, and a deep focus on customer needs.

Quality and Design:

At the heart of our new axles is the use of 4340 chromoly, chosen for its exceptional strength and durability. This material is ideal for axle applications, ensuring both resilience and longevity. The axle stubs, made from high-grade 4340 chromoly steel billets, undergo a meticulous turning and grinding process. We then employ a spline rolling technique, which, unlike traditional cutting methods, significantly enhances the strength and lifespan of the splines. This approach aligns our product with the most robust options available in the market. Following manufacturing, each stub is heat-treated and finished with a black oxide coating, providing an additional layer of durability and corrosion resistance.

Our innovative design is what really sets these axles apart. They are fully modular and rebuildable, a testament to the ingenuity and dedication of our team. This design offers not just robustness but also remarkable versatility and ease of maintenance. Unlike other applications, our axles are engineered for seamless integration, compatible with stock wheel speed sensors and upper spring pocket control arms. This compatibility ensures hassle-free installation. Additionally, the standardized 108mm CV components enhance scalability and simplify the process of finding replacement parts since they are literally the standard when it comes to Performance CV's.

Affordable and High-Capacity Options:

We're proud to offer these groundbreaking axles in the 1000-2000$ range. The entry level model significantly surpasses stock options in capacity, guaranteeing enhanced reliability and performance. For those aiming to maximize their vehicle's potential, we plan to introduce an upgraded version with polished-uprated CVs and larger shafts.

Our collaboration with GForce on their outlaw tier axle continues, reflecting our commitment to high-quality, high-performance solutions.

Maintenance Made Easy:

Aligned with our commitment to affordability and convenience, we will provide complete CV rebuild kits for around 50$ per joint. These kits are ideal for enthusiasts engaged in drifting and drag racing, offering a cost-effective solution for maintenance and increasing your on track time.


In release one, Q1 2024, we will be offering Stock replacement axles for 188mm differentials in E36 m3 and E46 330i applications. Also we will be releasing e36 F88 axles.

Future releases currently include e36 non-m axles and e46 325/328i axles along with replacement upgraded inner differential flanges.


At 22RPD, our mission is to continuously innovate and deliver products that push the boundaries of automotive performance and reliability. Our team of ten dedicated people work every day installing and designing new parts to make your car faster and better. We use this experience to bring you the best product we can imagine and make sure that it can be installed and used with ease; something we think is often overlooked. The new E36 M3 and F88 axles embody this commitment. We invite you to experience this revolutionary product and take your vehicle's performance to new levels. Follow along in the coming weeks as we begin stress testing these axles and look to be on the initial offering sometime in Q1 2024.

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