About Us

We are Genuine BMW Performance.


Innovation is the core of everything we do.

Every opportunity starts with the same question: 

"How can we do it better?"

22RPD was founded in 2012 to build the absolute best in performance software and hardware available, but also provide genuine support for each of our products. In our catalogs you will find a comprehensive line of high performance products and innovative systems which have been developed with extensive engineering experience.

In 2019 we evolved from an engineering company into a full service operation. We still offer our core products and services, but we have added a dedicated service and custom build division. We are here to handle the life-cycle of your BMW. 


Due to our core beliefs, 22RPD is one of the fastest growing brands in our industry. We urge you to look deeply into our history and each of the products and services we have provided. You will find that we take the time to make sure every product is perfect, and take the time to make sure everyone is completely supported. We believe that with these core principals, you will experience nothing but success with our catalog.


If you are looking for performance and service without compromise, you’ve come to the right place!


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