Tune Revision Policy

All tunes include 5 credits to be used for support and/or revisions. This is for technical support and revisions via email only.  This does not include live dyno time. Every tune we provide is developed in-house, and our tunes are developed in a way that they will not need revisions outside of WOT tuning. The only circumstance in which a tune will need revisions outside of WOT is if it is sold as a “non-standard” tune. This type of tune is not available for purchase through the website so you will know for certain if this exception applies to you.

What you will need to provide for support or revisions!

If you are looking to have your tune revised, we need concrete logs showing the problem. In certain circumstances we can provide a solution without logs but these times are infrequent. For general troubleshooting, we will need you to provide us with any recurrent codes the car is throwing. We recommend pulling codes and completing our troubleshooting guide check-list supplied with the original tune before contacting support. 

What  support entails!

The included support and revisions include technical, troubleshooting, and installation questions that are directly related to the installation of our products. The best way to receive support on these questions is via email. 

How to request support!

              Support can be reached via the support terminal. Here: Support.22RPD.com

How to schedule live support or dyno tuning!

We offer live phone support and live dyno tuning at an hourly rate. Reach out to us via email for scheduling. Otherwise we urge you to use our normal support, and we hope youll find this more than responsive enough to meet your needs. Live scheduling is very hard as we are holding an engineer or staff member up entirely for one client for an extended period and this gets in the way of standard operations. Live support was easily abused so we have made it an hourly rate to make everyone accountable. 

I have exceeded my support, what do I do now?

We believe that our standard 5 tune credit system far exceeds what is necessary to successfully implement any of our packages. In the circumstance you have exceeded this allotment, we offer an extended support option under our Tune package components. 

My car doesn't run right will a tune fix it?

While a tune may fix an issue with your specific hardware variation as a deviation from an OEM setup or a prior bad tune, a tune isn't a Magic-Bullet or Fix-All and we explicitly do not provide remote diagnostics. Be aware that if your car runs bad or has critical codes before the tune this may persist. Tune revision requests to work around critical issues are generally declined.

Standard credit usages

·         Standard tune packages comes with 5 tune credits.

·        Base flashing consumes 2 credits.

·        Each revision after this consumes 1 credit.

·        Changing core tune application consumes 3 credits.

        o   Examples of core changes:

o  Tuning for different injectors, fuel, cams, or maf than the original setup.

o  Upgrading from Stage 1 to Stage 2

·        Credits/Revisions/Support all expire one half year after base tune flashing, chip mail date, or pre-flashed ecu mail date.

·         Upgrading from NA to a Supercharged or Turbocharged tuning package. The percent of credits remaining multiplied by purchase price can be credited towards these tune packages. Some exceptions apply.

o Example: You have 2 remaining credits on an e36 NA tune which values at $350. You can use these credits 2 / 5 * 350 = $140 discount towards your new package. 

·        Credits are not transferrable between ownership, cannot be resold, and can not be traded.

·        While we offer adjustments related to sound features like burbles or pops, we can’t guarantee a specific sound outcome due to the variability in hardware and engine setups. Our primary objective is performance-enhancing calibration, and we kindly request understanding that subjective sound preferences are outside the scope of our guarantees.


Why do we have this policy?

We as a company aim to support you fully and we desire to be the gold standard of the industry. The best way for us to accomplish this, without compromising, is this policy. Unfortunately, the industry has devolved into cookie-cutter tunes with zero support. Customized tune/performance options are nearly extinct and this stems from “the few ruin it for the many” concept. While most customers are fantastic to work with, spending extreme time with a few customers drives businesses into the ground and kills the business’s enthusiasm for support. This is our attempt to provide equal and exceptional support for everyone, and also insures that we are here to continue serving you, and dedicated to providing proper support.  

Limitations to this policy

We try to be extremely fair with this policy, but we do have several conditions. Breaking any of these conditions may result in complete discontinuation of all support from 22rpd and its associates.

·         Attempting to defeat or defeating our security mechanisms.

·         Sharing or distribution of our products or software.

·         Mistreatment of, harassment towards, or aggression with our staff or support systems.





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