E36 Super Ford 8.8 Subframe Kit

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E36 Super Ford 8.8 Subframe Kit

Product Description > E36 Super Ford 8.8 Subframe Kit

22RPD Subframe Design features:

  • Completely redesigned and optimized subframe
  • Full 7-gauge laser cut steel construction
  • 1000+ TQ launch capacity with 2:1 Safety factor
  • Retains Factory control arms, Trailing arms, and sway bars
  • Improved suspension geometry, including 8.4mm of roll center correction for lowered cars
  • Input shaft lowered 3/8" to easily fit a 3.5"+ diameter driveshaft
  • Fully powder-coated finish
  • Weighs 11.3kg (24.9lb) compared to the OEM subframe at 9.8kg (21.6lb)


What does all of that mean? More reliability, more track time, faster corner exit, higher grip threshold, faster launch, and much more fun.


Benefits of the Ford 8.8 “Supercase” differential:

·         Used differentials can be found for as little as 250$

·         Lots of ratio options: Aftermarket ratios begin at 3.08 and go to 5.10 in ~0.2:1 increments.

·         Comparable weight to the 188 diff (The aluminum case option is ~75lbs)

·         Cheap replacement carriers (New LSD carriers run $177+)

·         Brand new Supercase LSD's can be found for the $800 range.


Common factory supercase differentials include:

  • 3.73:1 Torsen Type
  • 3.15:1 standard Clutch type
  • 3.55:1 Standard Clutch type


Installation notes:

·         Aftermarket adjustable camber arms are required for this install (We recommend SPC) The factory arms with sheet metal construction are too large at the inner mount.

·         Adjustable sway bar end-links are recommended and may be required depending on the ride height/sway bar selection.

·         It is strongly recommended to have rear subframe/chassis reinforcement plates installed (OEM or equivalent). This kit uses solid mounting for the subframe and the diff which will transfer more NVH to the chassis.



Package contents:

All kits include a complete installation manual, installation hardware package, driveshaft specification sheet, and your choice of subframe bushings.



Looking to complete your kit?

We offer axles that match this kit, here.

We offer a tie down kit that allows you to strap your car to the dyno or the trailer directly from the diff.

We offer matching Driveshaft, but you'll need to email in with your specification. 

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