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E36 Ford 8.8 Swap kit Axles

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For our Ford 8.8 Swap kit we offer three tiers of axles. Street, Race, and Insanity.

Our base axles are made from billet SAE-AISI 4140 chromoly blanks which are induction heat treated (hardened) and fully magnafluxed. Moser-engineering manufactures these custom shafts for us. Moser has been around since 1986 and has tons of experience in the high-power realm. We build these units with ford inner CV’s and factory M3 outer CV’s.

Everything if fully repacked with Redline CV-2 grease, we use all fresh OEM boots and clamps. The shafts are rated to roughly 1000hp, the life of the axles come down to the strength of the outer CV’s and when launched properly are very reliable. You will be required to send in your oem M3 axles (OE or replacement axles may not work) for us to assemble the completed unit, or you can assemble them yourself. We generally offer this assembly as a 2 business day turn-around, pending stock. We have currently removed Moser from our offerings due to supply chain issues. 

We have two options from G-Force.

The Renegade line includes one-piece, CNC-machined stubs and billet-machined CV joints. These axles are stronger than the older G-force 850hp axles, which will support all but the most extreme E36 builds.

G-Force Outlaw upgrade to the Renegade line includes a stronger alloy in the CV’s, with upgraded components including isotropic super-finish polished CV, ARP-brand CV joint fasteners, and premium high-temp CV grease.


This package is for axles only. Our full kit can be viewed here.

While these axles can handle their rated power, it comes down to the end user. Example: wheel hop will kill anything regardless of power.  The power figures are just provided for you to understand the capacities of these products.  We may, at our discretion, warranty our workmanship assembling the base axles, but we cannot offer any warranty based on power/damage.

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