SPC/SPL Rear Camber Arm

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SPC/SPL Rear Camber Arm

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Standard and race fitment OEM replacement camber arms for E36/E46 chassis.

These are the recommended Camber arms with confirmed fitment with our Ford 8.8 Diff Kit.

More Ford 8.8 Diff Kit info here 22rpd.com

Sold as pair.



SPC arms. These are a standard adjustable lower camber arm. They use a rubber inner bushing which allows for deflection under load but fit the need as described.

•   Steel construction

•   Black powder coated

•   Low cost of entry


SPL with Spherical Bearing. These are the more race oriented fitment the inner spherical bearing to allow zero deflection under load.

•    Lightweight Aluminum, Titanium, and Stainless Steel construction

•    Anodized Black for corrosion protection and durable finish

•    Gun drilled center hex links for maximum weight savings

•    Teflon lined FK Rod Ends



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