E36 Turbo Kit V2 (CNC manifold)

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E36 Turbo Kit V2 (CNC manifold)

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This is our full turbo kit. With over a decade of direct experience installing these turbo systems we have culminated what we think the is best overall solution to getting you into boost. The base kit will run 8PSI, it includes overboost protection and lean cut protection to try and keep your car together. The Stage 2 kit ups the boost to 16 psi and requires use of a decompression headgasket kit. We include a boost controller to allow multiple boost modes so you can control down to 300whp.

These kits are only offered in a full package. We will not separate or part out the kits. They run like OEM and can be enjoyed in any scenario like a stock car.

Engine power ratings:

Stage 1:  475 HP  450tq

Stage 2:  600Hp  580Tq

Stage 2 + Ethanol: 700Hp 700Tq

These numbers vary based on your fuel and engine. We can offer the tune for any fuel.

Kit components:

  1. High performance Treadstone intercooler. We have used these cores to over 1000whp
  2. CNC Bent laser cut direct fit intercooler mounts
  3. Tubular stainless-steel tig welded V-band exhaust manifold
  4. VS racing 6262 v-band turbocharger. Ball bearing CHRA and billet compressor 
  5. 3in Tig welded stainless Downpipe with two o2 bungs (exhaust after downpipe not included)
  6. 3in Tig welded aluminum charge pipes
  7. Tig welded Dump tube
  8. Black silicone couplers with stainless steel clamps.
  9. Boost proof IACV kit 
  10. Innovate AFR + Boost + EBC
  11. 22RPD stock ECU turbo tune, maf kit, and 950cc injectors.
  12. Turbosmart 45mm Wastegate
  13. Stainless braided oil feed and return lines
  14. Oil drain and feed adapters
  15. Gauge pod
  16. Turbo smart silicone vacuum line

Tune options:

  1. Launch control
  2. Revlimit adjustment
  3. Burble, flames, pops
  4. Ignition cut limiter
  5. 91, 92, 93 octane or E85
  6. Flex fuel available for OBD2

The tune package for OBD1 and OBD2 available. 

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Four Week expected lead time. 20% restocking fee on all orders. 

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