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22RPD TRUE Flex fuel kit

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True ECU Flex Fuel Control Kit for E36 and E46 M3

Maximize your E36 or E46 M3's performance potential with our cutting-edge True Flex Fuel Control Kit. Expertly engineered for seamless compatibility with MSS54, MSS54HP, and MS41 ECUs, this comprehensive kit brings your vehicle's capabilities to new heights.

Setting itself apart from the crowd, our system incorporates precise management of both fuel and ignition timing, embodying true flex fuel control. This finely-tuned process dynamically adjusts crucial engine parameters according to the ethanol content in your fuel, ensuring peak combustion and performance with any ethanol-gasoline blend. By harmonizing ignition timing and fuel injection, our system paves the way for augmented power, improved fuel efficiency, and overall better engine health.

Please note, this upgrade can be applied to any existing or newly ordered 22RPD tune. Once you've acquired the tune, our Flex Fuel Control Kit serves as an exceptional upgrade, further enhancing the tuning's effectiveness and your vehicle's performance.

Kit Contents:

1. Ethanol Sensor: A precision device that accurately measures the ethanol content in your fuel.

2. Gauge: Allows for easy monitoring of your fuel system.

3. Tune Upgrade Token: For accessing the software upgrade required for the flex fuel tuning. Remember, the actual tune is purchased separately.

4. Wiring Diagram: A detailed guide for a hassle-free installation process.

Installation of our kit is designed to be straightforward for both E36 and E46 m3 models.

Experience the power and efficiency benefits of true flex fuel control. Our system recently demonstrated an outstanding output of 365 wheel horsepower (whp) on an e46 m3, a testament to the remarkable potential of your M3 with our system in place. To read more about the e46 m3 application check out our blog, here.

Our True ECU Flex Fuel Control Kit offers exceptional value, outperforming more expensive piggy back controllers in both cost, performance, and ease of install.

If you would like to order direct fit injectors for e46 m3 here is a link: 22RPD.COM

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