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"044" Fuel Pump Hanger Kit

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We are proud to be releasing our long awaited fuel pump system for the E36/46 platform. This kit allows for use of a single or dual legendary 044 style fuel pump. This is the highest flowing/lowest current draw pump system on the market; uses 1/2 the power draw of the standard Walbro 485 upgrade, while flowing more fuel!

single AEM-400 will flow enough for 1000+WHP on non-ethanol blends, and enough for easily 750WHP on ethanol blends. For people looking to exercise 1000 whp or greater on ethanol blends we are offering a twin-pump setup.

This product is designed to be the easiest kit to install on the market, while also eliminating all failure points inside the tank. We have seen hundreds of in-tank install failures, which always leave you stranded at the wrong time.

Product Details:

  • Retains factory fuel level sensor
  • Upgraded fuel return system designed in, eliminating any potential syphon pump issues.
  • All materials in the kit are anodized 6061-T6 aluminum, or 304 stainless steel for extreme life/durability. 
  • Electrical connectors are sealed with Nylon bushings which are completely fuel safe.
  • Ring terminals, and hardware is included for a no-solder easy/quick install.
  • Reuses the factory fuel tank seal and fuel filter sock

Compatible fuel pumps include:

  • AEM 50-1009
  • Bosch 044 variants (Part #: 0 580 254 044)

Be careful of fake parts, use genuine/reputable suppliers for your fuel pump!

To find more details, flow data, and amperage draw check out our blog here: E36 Fuel Pump Hangar Design

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