N52 Supercharger Upgrade kit

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N52 Supercharger Upgrade kit

Depending on the original kit the Ess n52 supercharger kits come with 120/115mm pulleys. They make between 210-270whp with the supplied ess tune and hardware.

We have come up with a packages to take these cars to 300-400 whp. 

You can read our blogs to find out about results on our prototype cars here: Stage 2Stage 3



Our kits include 8-14 psi supercharger pulleys and are compatible with a range of fuels.


Stage 1,

·        Tune

·        Smaller pulley ~8PSI

·        Matching Belt

·        Spark plugs



Stage 2,

·        Tune

·        Smaller pulley ~10PSI

·        Matching belt

·        Spark plugs

·        Upgraded idler pulley kit

·        Meth kit

·        Billet Gauge pod



Stage 3,

·        Tune

·        Smaller pulley ~12-14PSI

·        Matching belt

·        Spark plugs

·        Upgraded idler pulley kit

·        Meth kit

·        Billet Gauge pod

Proper exhaust, intake manifold, meth quality, and fuel quality are all significant factors in the final power output.

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