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N52 Supercharger Upgrade Package

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Depending on the original kit the Ess vortech based n52 supercharger kits come with 120/115mm pulleys. They make between 210-270whp with the supplied ess tune and hardware.

We have come up with a packages to take these cars to 300-400 whp. 

You can read our blogs to find out about results on our prototype cars here: Stage 2Stage 3



Our kits include 8-14 psi supercharger pulleys and are compatible with a range of fuels.


Stage 1,

·        Tune

·        Smaller pulley ~8PSI

·        Matching Belt

·        Spark plugs



Stage 2,

·        Tune

·        Smaller pulley ~10PSI

·        Matching belt

·        Spark plugs

·        Upgraded idler pulley kit

·        Meth kit

·        Billet Gauge pod



Stage 3,

·        Tune

·        Smaller pulley ~12-14PSI

·        Matching belt

·        Spark plugs

·        Upgraded idler pulley kit

·        Meth kit

·        Billet Gauge pod

Proper exhaust, intake manifold, meth quality, and fuel quality are all significant factors in the final power output.

Depending on your power desires we recommend upgrading to larger injectors. we recommend a set of 6 of these injectors, HERE

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