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N20B20 - Stage 2 Tune


All of 22RPD's tunes are comprehensively developed in-house to provide the most refined tune and the highest output possible per platform available anywhere. We spend the time to be the expert so you can rely on us to take your street or race BMW to the next level.

We take a comprehensive approach to tuning; this means we work with the whole system to find the most power, best throttle response, and highest drive-ability around. Our N20/N26 Tunes remap all torque parameters to yield high output, we bump boost by 40% and pair this with a revised wastegate strategy, and remapped fueling and ignition parameters. All add up to significantly increased power and drivability. Our tunes add torque everywhere with a peak of 30% added from 2000-4500 rpm. While the turbo is already pretty tapped we do manage more power everywhere with a peak of about 50% above 6000! 

This tune package, paired with a downpipe, takes your N20/N26 to beyond stock 335i numbers!

We are pleased to provide these packages for your BMW.

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Tune Configuration

1Tune Options

Extra Map
Top Speed Limiter Delete
Increased Rev Limit
Increased Idle rpm
E85 Conversion
Add Burble, Crackle, and Flames
Bench Unlock

2Delivery Options

ECU Exchange
Remote Tune
In-Person Tune

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Item Amount
Tune Service Charge (Required) 600.00
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