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E36 Intercooler Mounts

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These mounts are the evolution of years of work in the platform and we believe these represent the best solution possible.

These were designed using state of the art tools and manufactured in the USA on a world class laser cutter and then bent in a CNC brake for perfect fit and finish of every piece. 

These intercooler mounts place either a 3.5" or 4.5" thick intercooler perfectly and allow for up to 25 degrees of adjustment to meet your desired fit. 

These mounts use factory mounting locations and require no cutting or drilling of the chassis.

Stainless steel construction means they will last and look nice for years to come.

Tested fitments include TR1235 and TR1245. 

In general, these mounts will require removal of the factory AUX fan, and to fit a 4.5" thick or greater intercooler you will need our custom AC lines. 

These mounts place the intercooler in such a way that most of the bumper bar can be kept but some trimming will be required. 

For those that don't know these intercoolers should not be compared to basic intercoolers. These use advanced fin design to pull more heat out of charge air and have considerably more weight to them. More weight means more capacity to sink more heat. These intercoolers are in the range of 4x heavier than the standard cheap intercoolers. That means 4x more aluminum to keep your motor cool and happy. We have tested these intercoolers to over 1000whp, over 50psi of boost, and on road circuit cars. They are awesome, absolutely the best bang for the buck available.

One left and one right mount included in this package. 

Hardware only included with the intercoolers kits. No hardware included with mounts alone.

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