22RPD E36 and E46 Charge pipe

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22RPD E36 and E46 Charge pipe

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Choose Your Preferred Configuration:

  • Cold Side Chargepipe: Our standard kit includes the 3" mandrel-bent, TIG-welded charge pipe, designed for superior durability and efficiency.
  • Cold Side Chargepipe Kit with install kit: This adds couplers(Both upper and lower), a boost-proof ICV system, and a billet adapter for the M50 manifold to our standard charge pipe.
  • Cold Side Chargepipe with TIAL*/TURBOSMART BOV Flange: This configuration includes our standard kit plus a TIAL*/TURBOSMART BOV flange for those desiring additional performance tuning options.
  • Cold Side Chargepipe Kit with BOV Flange: This complete kit includes everything from the Cold Side Chargepipe Kit, plus a TURBOSMART Raceport BOV flange for optimal performance and tuning capabilities.


Additional Notes:


  • Compatibility: Specifically designed to work seamlessly with E36 and select E46 platforms that are running our intercooler mounts. For these applications this chargepipe kit provides an optimal fit and superior performance. Please note, E46 applications may require some adjustments on your end, depending on your car's specific components.
  • Guaranteed fitment with our house brand BOV, Turbosmart raceport.

  • Maf Flange: The kit features a slot MAF flange, ensuring compatibility with 22RPD and similar setups.
  • This part is in an as manufactured state. We offer a high polish hand finish at an additional charge. Please also purchase this item below separately

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To further optimize your BMW's performance, consider our 22RPD intercooler brackets, this chargepipe was specifically designed for compatibility with these mount kits. These brackets may have additional applications. You can find these mounts here: E36 (22RPD.com)  and E46 (22RPD.com) and make this install a breeze.

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