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At our company, we believe in the power of details. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our direct-fit injectors for the E46 S54 platform, a seemingly small component that reflects our commitment to precision, quality, and ease of installation. These injectors are an integral part of our E46 M3 turbo tunes and flex fuel packages, helping to elevate your vehicle's performance to new heights.

Designed in-house, these innovative injectors allow for the retention of all OEM wiring harnesses and fuel rails, meaning you won't have to make any modifications for installation. If you havent had to modify your harnesses and re welded fuel rails to make your S54 injectors work, youll never have to.


Despite their simplicity and ease of use, they're capable of helping your s54 achieve over 850 horsepower with ethanol blends, making them an excellent choice for drivers seeking significant power boosts. We also offer a 500cc injector for our naturally aspirated s54 flex fuel family. This flex fuel kit with boltons we are seeing power in the 370 wheel horsepower (whp) and greater!

Our direct-fit injectors have been designed to sidestep common issues associated with other brands on the market. We've seen the competition, and installed thier injectors, and we're confident: There's not another injector out there that can offer a truly direct installation.

Many claim to fit, but in reality, they require modifications. 

Better yet, these injectors won't break the bank. We're proud to offer a high-performance solution that remains affordable, unlike many other brands on the market. We invite you to fact-check us and see for yourself the difference our injectors can make.

We also want to note that while these injectors could technically work with S62's, we have yet to test them as of this listing. So stay tuned for updates on that front. 

We appreciate your continued support and are excited to help you take your E46 M3 to the next level with our direct-fit injectors. Discover the difference attention to detail can make with our flex fuel and turbo kits today!


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