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S54B32 - Turbocharged Tune


Our Turbo tune for the s54 application is the result of over a decade of experience in the platform. We have tuned countless e46's and developed custom software for different applications. When the time came to develop a turbo tune for the Mss54 based ECU we approached the challenge like an OEM would. We rewrote the stock software to be completely prepared for turbo. Several changes were made to the ECU logic including a O2 sensor logic rework. O2 logic is absolutely crucial to having a properly operating car. Our custom software keeps all OEM fail safes and improves the logic for turbo. Our tune maintains OEM drivability and OEM safety mechanisms. We can provide this tune for SMG and manual cars. This tune can be optioned with multiple maps or built for different fuels. E85, Race gas, and pump gas are all available. 

This package includes:

  • One set of high flow injectors (Approx. 1000cc)
  • MAF kit (22RPD MAF, Weld on MAF flange and MAF harness)
  • NEW IAT, and IAT wiring harness
  • New Fuel pressure regulator
  • Installation Instructions

This tune with sufficiently sized turbo has achieved 625Whp and 515wtq on 100 octane fuel at 13.5 psi of boost.

We are pleased to provide these packages for your BMW.

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Transmission Tune
Top Speed Limiter Delete
Sport Button
SAP Delete
Increased Rev Limit
Launch Control
EWS Delete
E85 Conversion
Add Burble, Crackle, and Flames

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