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AFE Cold Air Intake M5x/S5x

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Increasing the engines overall performance is number one on every car guys list. The stock intake system can be one of the most restricting parts on your vehicle by limiting the amount of air the engine receives. Replacing the stock cold air intake will add horsepower and torque you can hear and feel. The more air your engine gets, the more power it will produce. 

You come to us because we are the experts, we design, build, and test BMW's every day of the week (And usually the weekend), and when it comes to intakes we recommend AFE. We appreciate the attention to detail, the quality, the fitment, and the performance their products provide. 

AFE claims specific power gains for each of its filter setups, rest assured that when you pair these with a tune we maximize the gains!


  • Pro 5R pre-oiled, washable/reusable air filter for maximum performance
  • Powder-Coated One Piece Heat Shield utilizes stock mounting locations
  • CAD-Designed Roto-Molded Intake Tube
  • No Cutting or Drilling on OEM Parts for Faster Installation

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