M5x Piston set for 84MM STOKE (M52 Crankshaft)

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M5x Piston set for 84MM STOKE (M52 Crankshaft)

Product Description > M5x Piston set for 84MM STOKE (M52 Crankshaft)

We have built, tested, raced, and tuned thousands of BMWs. We have collected what we consider the best of the best and making them easily available for you. As with all of our products, if you purchase through us we will provide the support, and experience you need to get the job done correctly. We will provide all machining specifications, all clearances, and all tolerances.

We offer for you two brands of pistons JE and Diamond, below you'll find a description for why we recommend each.

Why go with JE?

We have worked with Je for over a decade and they are as consistent as it gets. Their pistons perform excellently and are made of a 2618 aluminum which means they can handle some real abuse. Their pistons are also some of the lightest pistons around.

Je should be considered the gold standard in pistons, each one contains fantastic engineering and is an excellent off the shelf piston that we recommend for builds up to 1000hp. 

These pistons have oversized valve pockets for full vanos travel, oversized valves, and bigger cams.

We include a high performance ring package and standard pins with these pistons.

Why diamond?

In 2017 we started to really push the envelope. We were building and shipping out motors with 1200hp+ goals across the world. We wanted to work directly with the engineering team and develop a piston that really has the best that can be offered. For this level of access and engineering we reached out to diamond. We took all the R&D we built over the years and worked with the engineers at diamond to build the absolute best piston available. 

These pistons feature a 2618 forging, fully machined design, both top and bottom. This allows us to refine the strength/thicknesses across the whole crown. We use larger fillets on the skirts, to maintain a better oil film, and a full skirt design to handle extreme power. We increased both the size and quantity of the oil ports, and we used direct oilers for the pins! For these pistons and extreme use we calculated the piston volume all the way down to the first ring land making the compression rations exactly as advertised [not the industry standard].

These pistons have extra oversized valve pockets for full vanos travel, oversized valves, and bigger cams.

We include high performance ring package and custom specified Trend wrist pins to provide the highest capacity available.  


We recommend no higher than 11.5:1 compression for pump gas and naturally aspirated.

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