S62 Supercharger Upgrade Kit

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S62 Supercharger Upgrade Kit

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The standard Ess kit comes with a lackluster tune and limited boost, we have spent considerable time to develop a higher performance option. This is a bolt on solution to your standard kit giving you significatnly inproved performance.


This kit includes a billet adapter, billet tensioner pulley, upgraded supercharger pulley, new belt, new hardware, new tune and injectors. We can pair this with any supercharger tune options youd like and build out swap tunes as needed. Billet trumpet and water cooled intake are options we can support.. At this time we have not confirmed G1 fitment so please reachout if youd like for us to build you a kit.


This kit leverages greatly increased belt wrap to provide more boost without flexing the supercharger bracket further. 


Estimated Power Output with 22RPD Upgrade Package


 Boost (PSI)              Crank HP @7k         Crank TQ @ 5.5k     Minimum Fuel Quality

ESS                            560                         485                          91 octane

6.5-7.0                     665                          560                          91 Octane

8.5-9.0                     715                          585                          93 Octane Recommended

9.7-10.2                    750                          610                          95 Octane/E85



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