Remote Tuning Cable Set

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Remote Tuning Cable Set

This cable set is used to flash your car remotely. These CAN NOT be substituted for other cables found on the internet, these have been modified to work with our software.

We have three cables available. 

1. Our black k+CAN cable is compatible with ecus from 1996-2005 chassis roughly. (Ms41, Ms42 Ms43, Ms45, M5.2, M5.2.1, Me7.2, Me9.2, Mss52, Mss54)

2. Our K+DCAN Cable is required for 2005+ roughly or E90 and newer. (Mss60, Mss65, Msv70, Msv80, MSD80, MSD81)

3. The 20 pin adapter is for cars with diagnostic ports. (Ms41, Ms42, Ms43, and Ms45 ecus) This is to enable programming and programming through the diagnostic port. Add this if you want easy programming mode or need to program through the diagnostic swap like M5x e30.

When ordering our tunes we include the correct cable, but if you do not know which cable to order please reach out.

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