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GS6-53 Swap Kit

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This is our Big Power Transmission kit which we install in all vehicles above 600 wheel torque.

The whole kit bolts in without any modification to the vehicle. The twin-disk clutch is an OEM+ Design with a 10% heavier diaphragm. We achieve heavy clamping action using a custom billet pressure plate design. This clutch package will be as easy to drive as a factory vehicle but hold 1250tq reliably. 

The SIX SPEED transmission uses large steel synchros and can handle considerably more abuse than a 420g or a 310/320g. The gear ratios inside the transmission are better suited to highpower as gears 1-4 have 10% taller ratios while maintaining a 1:1 5th gear and a overdrive 6th. With this transmission you get ultimate power holding capacity, with decades newer technology resulting in an enjoyable and reliable driveline.

The clutch pack was designed and optimized using state of the art FEA analysis and weighs only 30lbs! The final weight results in a drop over oem. This along with an 8.5" disk package leaves you with exceptional high speed shifting and minimal chatter. 

We include with this package every piece needed to make an easy install and we include a huge, high resolution, color installation manual.

We believe we have assembled the ultimate package for high-power daily-drive-able transmission kit. 

We have personally tested this transmission and our 1000tq disk package to 1200hp 1100tq and have had zero issues. Drive with confidence. 

Kit Includes:

-6061 CNC Adapter Ring
-20Ga Stainless Laser Cut Dust shield
-Laser cut, CNC Bent, Stainless Transmission brace
-Twin-disk Billet Clutch kit ( 850Tq / 1000Tq /1250Tq setups available)
-Adapter ring bolt kit
-Transmission bolt kit
-Flywheel bolt kit
-Dowel sleeves
-Stainless Pivot Pin
-Throw-Out Bearing
-Pilot Bearing
-DIY DSSR kit with bolts
-Instructions on install with torque values


For use with factory components as follows (Check cross compatibility)
Transmission: 23007571423
Driveshaft: 26107573482

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