M5X Fuel Pressure Regulator Mount

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M5X Fuel Pressure Regulator Mount

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These fuel pressure regulator mounts are a new 22RPD product that is sure to make your build stand out. These brackets install in seconds, and will last for the lifetime of your build. The final placement is easy to service, the fuel lines are easy to route, and everything is kept tidy.

Every bracket is manufactured out of 14-gauge stainless steel, laser cut, and cnc bent. Exact fit every time and a beautiful brushed stainless finish.

We have two options for the M5x Platform. The OBD1 variant, serving people with an OBD1 throttle body, mounted on the m50 manifold. Then the OBD2 variant which is for all applications using an OBD2 Throttle body.

If you are looking for our recommendation on a matching regulator, check here.

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