22RPD MAF Kit with Housing

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22RPD MAF Kit with Housing

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The kit includes 3" or 3.5" MAF Tube, Mass Air Flow Element, Wiring Harness, and wiring Diagram. 


This package is a direct swap for your standard 3.5" 803 maf or stock 3" maf tunes. The whole setup installs in a matter of 30 minutes, with minimal tools, and the results are a greatly more enjoyable car. 
We are proud to be releasing the first real update to supercharger tunes since the 90s. We have gone back to the basics and developed a whole new supercharger tuning packages that brings your supercharged BMW into the new millennium. 

This new package aims to greatly improve idle, drive-ability, throttle response, and performance while increasing the ceiling to over 700hp. We developed these tunes to address many of the shortcomings with older technology which includes poor cold start, poor idle, and poor drive-ability. With this tuning package your car will drive like it did from the factory only with greatly improved power.

This can be pared with our APE flex fuel module opening up your car to a whole new world of ethanol based fuels. 
The expected gain with tune new tuning package and flex fuel module is over 10% Horsepower.

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