M5x M50 Manifold Swap Kit

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M5x M50 Manifold Swap Kit

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This kit includes the necessary components to install an OBD2 M/S52 throttle body and OBD2 M/S52 fuel rail onto the OBD1 M50 intake manifold. Additionally, unlike other kits on the market, we include a dipstick tube mount for a clean install. 

This kit is designed in house, laser cut out of stainless steel, and ready for a lifetime of use.

The OBD1 manifold is capable of flowing considerably more air than the OBD2 manifold with its narrow runners. Paired with our tuning package, this upgrade will provide up to 15-20WHP gains, with no losses at low rpm.

Notice: you will need associated throttle boots and IACV hoses to complete the entire install. These are available as oem parts or we offer upgraded parts here as needed.

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