Maxx E36 Harness and OBD2 adapter

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Maxx E36 Harness and OBD2 adapter

Maxx Ecu harness and harness adapter allow for integration of MaxxECU STREET/V1/RACE/PRO into oem body harness.

These base harness connects the maxx to the  engine.

The adapter harness is wired to connect the maxx ecu and engine to the car. This harness integrates the oem fuse and relay box effectively making the max plug and play. Coil power/Ecu power/Alternator/Oil pressure light/tach/starter signal. You will maintain the oem battery cable with this harness. This connects every wire necessary from the x6031 and x20 to make the maxx function as oem. Some features are limited by which ecu you select. 

We also recommend our ECU cover plate with this kit. You can use the included grommet to make a clean install.

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