m52tu/m54 Forced Induction Headgasket

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m52tu/m54 Forced Induction Headgasket

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We have used cut-ring headgaskets for over a decade on the bmw m5x line. This type of headgasket completely eliminated all of our standard headgasket problems, allowing us to reliably run huge boost! We have tested this style gasket to over 49psi on an 87mm bore!

This headgasket was never released for the alloy block engines such as the m54 and m52tu. As we continue to boost these engines and use decompression plates we decided enough was enough. We worked with our suppliers to bring you the next step in the boosted m5x evolution: A decompression cut-ring. A headgasket that will reliably hold 40+ psi and drop your compression to 9:1. No additional plates, parts, or complication necessary. 

This headgasket eliminates the need for multiple headgaskets (Multiple failure points), excessive head torque (Pulled threads), and extends the sealing capacity of this motor far beyond what anyone what anyone has been running. This is the last headgasket the platform will ever need. 


  • Cut-ring technology, 40psi of boost rated.
  • Decompression to 9:1 (Engine dependent)
  • COMPOSITE Pliable, perforated metal-core gasket body.
  • No sealant needed!
  • Standard 84-84.5mm bore design

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