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Experience Precision Like Never Before with Our 304 Stainless Steel CNC Machined DSSR Shift Linkage

Transform your driving experience with our top-of-the-line CNC machined end solid stainless 304 DSSR (Double Shear Selector Rod) shift linkage. Traditional factory single shear selector rods allow for excessive play in the crucial connection between the shifter and the transmission's selector shaft. Our solution? A masterfully engineered linkage designed to virtually eliminate this play, ensuring a seamless and precise shifting experience every time.

Why Choose Our DSSR Shift Linkage?

  • Precision Engineered for Optimal Performance: Our DSSR shift linkages are crafted with high tolerance CNC machined ends and paired with the highest quality hardware available. We boast an unmatched radial tolerance of 0.00045 inch, guaranteeing the tightest, most precise, shift possible.
  • Unrivaled Quality and Durability: Made from robust stainless steel 304, our shift linkages are not only built to last but also feature an average weight of 12oz, striking the perfect balance between durability and performance.
  • Customization to Fit Your Needs: We understand that every vehicle and driver is unique. That's why we offer custom length and bend adjustments to meet your specific requirements. Whether it's a custom length or a specific bend, simply reach out, and we'll tailor our product to fit your needs. Visit our product page here for more information, and expect a processing time of approximately 48 hours for custom orders.
  • Accuracy You Can Trust: Our commitment to precision doesn't end with the manufacturing process. We ensure that each DSSR shift linkage is 99% accurate in length for straight units and 98% accurate for bent units, providing you with the confidence that you're installing a product designed for perfection. In testing this error is unnoticeable.


Important Information for Our Valued Customers:

  • Compatibility Verification: Please verify all shift rod lengths in the product variations against your OEM selector rod to guarantee a perfect fit.
  • Made to Order Excellence: All of our DSSR shift linkages are made to order, reflecting our dedication to quality and customization. Please note that a $25 restocking fee applies ontop of any shipping and handling. Double check your lengths and order before placing!
  • Discover the Ultimate Shifting Experience: With our stainless steel CNC machined DSSR shift linkage, you're not just upgrading your car; you're elevating your entire driving experience. Precision, quality, and customization – that's what we stand for. Don't settle for anything less than the best.

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