Pre-dyno Checklist

Please use the checklist below to ensure your vehicle is in proper operating condition to run on our dyno. This will avoid delays and unnecessary costs to you. Please be advised that any time that your vehicle is on the dyno, even when experiencing mechanical issues, you will be charged the hourly rate for your session. We look forward to working with you.

Checklist for ALL vehicles:

❏ Fluids topped off (not over-filled!)

❏ Fuel tank at least ¾ filled with the type of fuel to be used during the runs

❏ No fluid leaks ($50 clean up fee will be assessed for any excessive leaks during your session)

❏ Spark plugs in good condition with proper gaps. Have spare plugs if you have ever fouled plugs before

❏ Coolant is bled and radiator fans installed and working

❏ You have the required cable to connect to computer / ECU (if applicable)

❏ You’ve informed us of all previous issues with the vehicle

❏ Clutch is capable of handling your target power

❏ Alternator charges correctly and you have a healthy battery

❏ Recent blinker fluid flush

Additional Checklist for boosted vehicles:

❏ Components are adequately protected from any exhaust/turbo heat

❏ Boost leak test passed - NO boost leaks

❏ Boost controller installed correctly and functioning as designed

❏ Wastegate correctly plumbed

❏ Blow Off Valve set up correctly / not leaking air

❏ Exhaust components securely fastened with high quality hardware

❏ Fuel pump and injectors are adequately sized for target power

❏ All vacuum hoses in good condition, all ends zip tied in place to prevent boost from popping off hoses

❏ No water or oil lines dangerously close to turbo or exhaust manifold components

❏ Ignition system capable of supporting target power level, spare coils/plugs on site if required

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