Flex Fuel Controller

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Flex Fuel Controller

APE has partnered with 22RPD to develop the ultimate in BMW flex fuel technology. 

We have flex fuel tunes to work with this module and maximize the benefits of flex fuel in your vehicle. 

Pair this module with any of our available tunes in our store to receive the flex fuel capable tune/hardware.

Flex Fuel Power Module

•Plug and Play Flex Fuel Conversion Module
•Allows vehicles to run gasoline, E15, E85, E98 or any mixture of the three
•Dynamically adjusts fuel injector pulses based on ethanol content measured in the fuel
•Contains Fuel Composition Sensor, Control Module, and Wiring Harness

•IOS and Android apps available for configuring system and real time monitoring of fuel injector duty cycle and ethanol content of fuel via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
•1 year warranty                  

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