• Product - OBD1 Performance Turbo Tune
OBD1 Performance Turbo Tune
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Performance Turbo Tune for 60# or 80# Siemens Deka Injectors. All of our tunes are dyno developed and we 100% guarantee the maximum power and drive-ability out of your setup. This package can be used with Ostrich 2 or replaceable chips. This package includes 5 hours of revisions for dyno updates or component changes.

This package includes MAF, MAF harness, software and guaranteed revision time. This can be used in a 506 or 413 type ecu. If you have any questions please contact us we pride ourselves on being the most responsive and supportive performance tuner in the BMW aftermarket industry. Compatible injectors can be found in our store under fuel.

A follow up email or phone call will be made before we write the tune to make sure all components are considered in your base map.

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