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We are a group of enthusiasts who feel the need to bring a better products and service to the market. We love what we do and were excited to work with you on your big project. If you are looking to work with someone who knows what they are doing and is excited to share their knowledge and experience with you, you are in the right place.

  • We have the knowledge and experience to take your project to the next level.
  • We make sure our customers are completely satisfied with everything we provide.
  • Our Products wont waste your time, everything has been developed in house from the ground up and is guaranteed to work.
  • Everything we offer is fully customizable.. if you don’t see it just ask.
  • Tunes, Fabrication, Installation, and Support. Let us be your one stop shop.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much boost can I run with this setup?

This is a difficult question, Its largely based on engine static compression and the octane of the fuel you are running. To get an idea of what sort of boost you can run head over to our calculator page here.

How much power will this setup make?

The size of the turbo dictates the power capacity of the setup. Torque can be roughly calculated based on the amount of boost you are running, but the size and efficiency of the hotside components involved moves this curve in different areas. To get a rough idea of torque head over to the calculator here.

If I order a tune will I get support or will I receive revisions?

With any tuning package we include 5 hours of support or tune revisions. If we run out of time we sell additional support and revisions in 5 hour increments, check the store.

How do I receive my tune?

There are two ways for you to receive your tune. We can send you cables and flash your existing ecu over the internet (This requires a windows based pc) or we can send you a pre-flashed ECU.

Do you do remote Dyno tuning?

We support live dyno tuning with any of our packages. Bring your windows based laptop to the dyno and we can adjust your tune live. This requires advanced notice so we can be available for your dyno session.

If I sell my tune is the tuning support transferable?

Yes, the remaining support time from tuning packages is transferable if the whole kit is purchased.

Meet Our Partners

Listed below are the partners we are associated with.

  • Zack Schaper
  • Big Duck Club
    Custom Body Kit Experts

    Big Duck Club Concepts is an auto sports design firm that manufactures fiberglass, carbon fiber and carbon kevlar aerodynamic products for the BMW family.

  • Rally Road
    BMW Performance Specialists

    Rally Road Productions offers a wide range of products including Interior and exterior accessories, big brake kits and performance engine components.